Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beer of the Week: Slavutich Premium from Ukraine

It is well known by those close to me that I am an afficianado of good beer and spirits. Partnered with my Scots heritage, I am always looking for a bargain, to boot.

This weekend, the SuperStore in South Common has flats and flats of 500ml king cans of this robust lager from Ukraine for $1.49 a can. I couldn't find a picture of the cans on Google image search.

I bought some so that my wife could get in touch with her heritage. Although in truth, that would involve polishing a forty of vodka off by herself and setting off a domestic disturbance that requires neighbors to call the polizei. Regardless, we gave the Slavutich a try.

Nice beer. A light gold amber color, but with a really prominent, fresh hoppy taste. Reminiscent of Pilsner Urquel, oddly enough. says this is a lager rather than a pilsner. But since the entire can except for the "don't drink while pregnant" warning is in ukrainian, I have no way of refuting this.
I may go back and get some more.

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