Monday, April 23, 2007

So What's Going On With The Playstation3?

In keeping with my propensity for only reporting on biased, anti PS3 sources, here's a lengthy tirade by a gamer, for gamers about why he thinks the PS3 hasn't achieved any significant traction.

Something Awful: Reflections On A Failing Game Console *(be aware that Something Awful is a humor site with a fair amount of content that your employer might not appreciate you surfing at work)*

In March, 2007 the PS3 sold 130,000 units. To put that into perspective the Gameboy Advance sold 148,000 units. The PS3 is basically getting beat by a fucking Super Nintendo. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.
When posed with the decision of what game system to buy, most gamers went with the GBA because hey, the money they save not getting the PS3 can buy a lot of weed. That's what being a smart consumer is all about. You don't need Blu-Ray and Talladega Nights to have fun. Buy the cheaper system and let the drugs do the rest. Of course this doesn't mean the Xbox 360 is making any waves. Sony and Microsoft and both getting beat by what is basically a portable Nintendo 64 with a cheap touchscreen gimmick.

I think that the author is on to something here.

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