Friday, October 03, 2008

This Week in CE Pro: Media Servers are where it's at!

*pictured: MediaMax servers by Axonix are format-agnostic, meaning that not only can you store DVD and Blu-ray content on them, but you can also store all those HD-DVD titles that you scored from the clearance bin!

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Flatland Pastor said...

When I began my life hobby of enjoying reproduced music - which morphed gloriously into reproduced audio & video - my sources were simple; a turntable for the LPs and a tape machine to record them. I actually began with an open reel recorder because it meant I could listen twice as long without interruption, and because it stomped all over the then burgeoning cassette format in terms of performance. I never considered the radio a pure "source" mostly because I was in a place where quality radio was non-existent. (We had ONE commercial private station CKYR and locals would refer to it as "YR you listening?". Our "other" station was CBC - 'Nuff said!)

Through the years copying media in order to shape its use to my preferences has been at the core of much of my approach to enjoying recorded entertainment. It's been 26 years since recorded media went digital for consumers and finally it seems my greatest hopes are being realized. I will soon be able to copy, archive, edit, arrange, control and enjoy music and video (mostly) on my terms.

I remain cautious still as now the primary issues for me will be format capability and the quality of the interface the system will use - but I am excited by the idea that I will have my cake and be eating it too very soon. I may not live to see Star Trek replicators in my home ("Computer - Earl Grey tea - hot.") But I might be able to enjoy the following -

"Computer - The Replacements - 'Talent Show' - LOUD."

It IS a 'Brave New World'.