Friday, October 03, 2008

Another Dealbreaker icon moves on

It's true, it's damn true. Dealbreaker's Joe Wiesenthal is leavings the Opening Bell in order to get more sleep persue other ventures.

Dealbreaker: Opening Bell

Editor's Note: After some 2.5 years, this will be my last Opening Bell. One can only take so much sleep deprivation, after all. On the other hand, getting reminded and abused about typos never really gets old. Unfortunately I don't really have any advice or words of wisdom to leave you with, since I'm pretty tired.

As I said in the comments, Opening Bell has been an important part of my morning crawl for news for as long as hes been doing it, and I've always enjyed it, typos and all. Some mornings the typos were so egregious that I thought it was just part ofhis schtick.

Fans of business blogs should note that Mr. Weisenthal's excellent blog The Stalwart continues it's tradition of thoughtful bloggotage. Check it out.

*in his honor, and in tribute to 2.5 years of DB's Opening Bell, I left all the typos in this post uncorrected.

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