Wednesday, October 01, 2008

HD DVD selling well: Wait, What!?

The Financial Times is reporting that HD DVD is still doing well in the United States, according to Pocket-lint. (via Engadget HD)The report says "aggressive" price cuts have made HD DVD an attractive option for some, adding that HD DVD players are going for $60 and movies for $10.Ryan Kugler, president of Distribution Video & Audio, says the company has already sold one million HD DVDs that were returned to the studios by big retailers."Cheap entertainment always does well in a recession or depression," Kugler says.

To be fair, $60 for a really good upsampling DVD player is a pretty good deal.

Additionally, if you happen to own a media server, like MediaMax that can rip not only DVD and Blu-ray but also HD-DVD, why wouldn't you snarf up a $10 HD-DVD from the clearance bin to load into your server, as opposed to $30 for a Blu-ray title?

As I like to say, every product has a customer, the trick is to put them together at the right price.

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