Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pop Culture Corner: Does Anybody Really Care About Racy Leaked Pics?

Ho hum, another day, another set of leaked photos of underage poptart Miley Cyrus letting her freak flag fly.

Fox News (of course) just can't get enough jailbait

Whether it's compromising photos of Cyrus, other-Disney princess Vanessa Hugens, or the indiscretions of over-21's like Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, or whoever, the media and by association the public never seem to get tired of making dramatic *gasps* and then saying in a stage whisper "Can you believe it?" All the while running the images over, and over and over. Hypocrisy used to be the tribute that vice pays to virtue, now it's a way to chase ratings by running underage nudie pics on Network TV.

The media always acts so shocked when celebrities prove that they're as capable of being drunk, horny, or just plain thoughtless as anyone else.

There was a time when it was easier for celebs to stay on their pedestals. I have to wonder: if the apex of their careers had been in a time of 24-hour gossip news channels, the Internet, tabloid bloggers, and (most importantly) camera phones, would Doris Day have been able to maintain her squeaky clean image, or would Rock Hudson have managed to stay in the closet? I have my doubts.

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1-2 said...

Clearly thousands of investors care:

Flatland Pastor said...

The ones best 'qualified' to comment are those who most often face the onslaught of the 'media'. I'll let them make my point for me.