Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Realities Of Modern Television Advertising

Opinionated businessman Mark Cuban has a recent blog post where he rails against something that gets on all our nerves: loud TV commercials:

Mark Cuban: How Advertisers Shoot Themselves In Their Collective Feet

With all the technology and alternatives to watching commercials on TV I would think that advertisers would do everything humanly possible to eliminate any elements that would immediately trigger a viewer to fast forward to change the channel.

Is this not commen senese ?

If it is, then why in the world do advertisers JACK UP THE VOLUME OF THEIR COMMERCIALS ?

Like any other business endeavor, some advertising gurus are brilliant, others are average, and some are stupid.

Way back in the 80's when the "mute" button came into common use, good advertisers learned that they needed to make their commercials get their brand message across even with the sound off.

Nowadays, all of my TV watching is pre-recorded on my PVR, which means that I skip past the commercials on 3x fast forward. Something I've noticed is that even at high speed, some commercials still make a branding statement, whereas others only show confused glimpses.
Obviously, some marketers are doing a good job of dealing with the modern realities of getting through to viewers. But of course, we don't remember the ones that do a good job, we remember the ones that anger us.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Being able to fast forward through commercials is indeed a wonderful thing. However, as the one in charge of the means to mute or fast forward, I find it fascinating that with the commercial at regular speed but mute, there are quite a number of commercials where I have no idea what is being advertised. How can that make any practical sense? Do some advertising agencies assume that we have only ears, even though the medium is a visual one? Why would they not use the visual means at their disposal to make us want to turn the sound back on or stop fast forwarding?