Thursday, August 16, 2007

Naxos to offer DRM-free paid downloads

Once again, progressive record label Naxos leads the charge, doing the right thing for their customers.

Marketnews: Naxos To Offer DRM-free Classical Music Downloads

Naxos, a budget classical music label widely credited with
having transformed the economics of the classical recording industry since its
launch in 1988, has just turned its sights on the downloaded music arena.
Classicsonline, contends, the firm, is a dedicated classical music download
service offering a wide range of classical music, accessible by sophisticated
search engines optimized for classical music. “It is intended to become a
one-stop destination where music lovers can find virtually every piece of
classical music ever recorded,” says a blurb on the Web site. Besides the
classics, the service intends to offer a “good selection of classic jazz, blues
and folk recordings [not available in the United States] as well as a
representative collection of world music.”

It's fantastic to see a record label not only understand what customers want, but be willing to give it to them!

If you enjoy classical, make sure to keep tabs on Naxos' excellent company blog, here.

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1 comment:

Mark said...

Thanks for the mention of Classicsonline--and the kind words about the Naxos Blog.

I just posted a note about Naxos of America's deal with MusicGiants at