Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nardelli a poor choice to head Chrysler, says Thomas Watson

Canadian Business Magazine's Thomas Watson comes right out and says what I was hinting at obliquely about a week ago: that Nardelli isn't the best qualified person for the job.

Canadian Business: The wrong driver at Chrysler

Simply put, the new CEO of Chrysler rubs the UAW, like
the multi-million-dollar retention packages handed out by auto parts maker
Delphi Corp.'s board to keep executives who ran the company into the ground.
Hiring Nardelli was a bad move. It was also unneeded. After all, to save
Chrysler, you need someone that auto workers can grow to trust as a long-term
partner, not someone with nothing to lose — and especially not someone from
outside the industry who is really more interested in fixing a broken
reputation. The right guy for the job exists. In fact, he was running Chrysler
before Nardelli came along.

Watson's point about LaSorda being a better choice to drive long-term change is significant, but I think that he skirted what I believe is the main issue, that Cerberus was looking for a hatchet man, and a Judas Goat upon whose neck they could hang failure if things don't go well.

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