Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Twitter Spammers Are Suckers

As readers of Lee Distad's Professional Opinion are doubtless aware, I'm a relative newcomer to Twitter.

As a social media tool, Twitter certainly has it's uses. Conversely, the Twitter spammers, who think that accumulating millions of followers will make them rich have no real use at all, except as a cash cow for "Social Media Gurus" to peddle get-rich-quick schemes.

Both anti-fraud blogger Tracey Coenan and Upstart Blogger have good posts on just how ridiculous Twitter Spam marketing programs are. I just want to take the time to address some of the salesmanship used to market one such program, called Brute Force Twitter:

Did you know a 10,000-person reach FM radio station in a town of 200,000 people is worth $3-15 million? Now compare that to the list of 74,000 people on Twitter that I built for FREE in just 2 and ½ months… usually spending no more than 15-25 minutes a day on it.

That's a ludicrous non sequitor, and I'll tell you why:

*That radio station's valuation is arrived at only by selling that much advertising airtime.
*Advertisers will only pay that much if enough listeners are tuned in.
*Listeners will only tune in if the radio station plays something they want to hear.

And that last part is the catch, isn't it?

If you actually have a blog or a website or whatever that offers real goods and services, or even just news and commentary that people might actually be interested in, then you can use Twitter to market yourself.

On the other hand, if you've just paid a hundred bucks for a course that tells you to "start selling a course at $100 a pop on gathering Twitter followers," then you're not really offering anybody much of anything.

Those millions of other Twitter Spammers? They already paid somebody else $100, they're not going to buy it from you!

Do you have something to say? Then maybe other Twitter users will follow you. An endless retread of posts that say "Get rich now, ask me how!" and unoriginal motivational quotes cribbed from BrainyQuote.com aren't the kind of content that will make people not only follow, but listen.

Tell you what, send me $100 via the PayPal link to the left of the page, and I'll tell you how to not be a sucker.

Alternatively, you can go to SocialMediaDouchebag.com and learn how to get eleventy-billion Twitter followers in 3.68 seconds.

You decide.

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1 comment:

Brian J Munro said...

Too bad your post here is far too long for any "twitter twit" to read. If the irony was any thicker we'd all need oxygen masks.