Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Latest Chinese Product Hassle: Crummy Drywall

You might have thought that the issues surrounding sub par Chinese consumer goods had subsided in the wake of all the toy and food scares a year ago.

You would have been wrong.

Homeowners from several communities in B.C.'s Lower Mainland have joined the flood of callers to a U.S. consumer group investigating Chinese drywall that has allegedly begun to sicken North Americans.
Thomas Martin, president of America's Watchdog, says that in the past two weeks about a dozen Lower Mainland callers have all reported experiencing the same nose bleeds, breathing problems and allergy-type symptoms that have affected homeowners across the U.S.Continued exposure could result in severe health problems, the group says.
"This type of drywall was produced with materials that emit toxic hydrogen sulphide gas and other sulphide gases," says a copy of one home-inspection report obtained by Canwest News Service on an affected Florida home where Chinese drywall was installed.
"These sulphide gases are also alleged to cause serious health conditions and illnesses, such as shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, eye irritations and respiratory difficulties."
"It's scary, it's a nightmare. We think we are looking at the worst case of sick houses in U.S. history," Martin said.

Chalk up another risk of buying a house cobbled together in a rush during the housing boom. There's a reason (hundreds, really) why savvy home buyers avoid any home around here built after 2002.

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