Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Atlantic Technology Bows IP-Enabled Speakers

I'll readily admit that this blows my mind: IP-networkable speakers.

Press release:

NORWOOD, MA (3/11/09) -- Atlantic Technology, a leading manufacturer home theater and architectural loudspeaker systems, today announced immediate deliveries of three StreamNet-enabled in-wall loudspeakers designed to use NetStreams whole-house internet-protocol (IP) technology.
Remarkably, these loudspeakers take further advantage of IP technology for significantly improved audio performance, sound quality, and adaptabilityto local acoustic conditions.
These sonic improvements are made possible by using separate, individually-equalized power amplifiers for the tweeter and the woofer…a configuration known as active bi-amplification. Itallows the speaker designer to use digital processing to create the ideal audiosignal for each separate speaker driver, and to totally by-pass theuse of conventional electrical crossover networks, which can be difficult to equalize and inefficient."IP technology is a game changer for loudspeaker designers," said Peter Tribeman, President, Atlantic Technology.
"It's like going from chemical photography to digital photography. By giving speaker designers the ability to deliver the optimal audio signal directly to each individual transducer, it opens up a world of new possibilities. The signal stream remains digital all the way from the recording studio through the NetStreams system, until it reaches our speakers. The end user enjoys every last bit of potential performance from our speakers."The new Atlantic Technology IWTS-4 LCR-IP, IWTS-7 LCR-IP and IWTS-14 LCR-IP loudspeakers are designed for home theater and music applications. They are based on three of the company's most popular models, and each also includes a conventional crossover network for traditional installations. A rear-panel switch selects between the conventional speaker wire input connectors and the NetStreams Phoenix-style connector.

So, I ask you all, what can't you network in the home?

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