Friday, October 03, 2008

Planar screws up again: SO the drama!

So, yesterday a $3,995 HD projector was available yesterday for $599 on clearance site

The projectors are going for $599.99 – about $3,400 less than the original MSRP, when the 900-lumen, 720p product debuted in 2007.I've heard from several dealers and reps who are somewhat ticked off, but primarily they are simply befuddled.From one dealer: "LMAO." From another: "These poor bananas. …"Industry folks are wondering if this move represents "just another misstep" by Planar, which has revamped its product lines and business strategies since it acquired Runco in 2007 – giving Planar products to Runco dealers, keeping distribution, dropping distribution ….

For what it's worth, I advised several friends that this was a squeal of a deal, and if they wanted a bargain on a projector, this was it.

However, I have to ask Planar "was it worth it?" Read the furious comments on CE Pro from Planar dealers who are incensed that Planar has pulled the rug out from under them. Although I I can only assume "Steve @2:59" was being sarcastic when he said "I heard that they plan on making Runco a profitable Company and then sell them off, which is probably in the best interest to the Runco brand. Hey, if they could do it to their own, they can certainly do it to the acquired." Seriously, has he looked at Planar's numbers for the past two years? Yuck.

Every time we turn around, Planar seems to be doing something strange, like playing games with their dealer network. And then there was that whole Human Resources fracas a few months ago, that I'm not even allowed to talk about any more. *cough*

Perhaps their biggest problem is a lack of focus. "Oooh, we're an industrial signage company!" followed by "Oooh, now we're a home theatre company!" Who knows what they're going to be next year?

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