Monday, September 22, 2008

The idiocy of the US Fed, the SEC and the rest of them

I'm working on a deadline for one of my print assignments, but I thought it would be salutary to stop in and post a few links of required reading on just what nonsense the SEC's short-selling ban, the Fed banking bailout, and all the other assorted anti-free-market tomfoolery actually is.

Dealbreaker: Short People Got No Reason To Live: Part II

Gary Weiss: 'Mind Blowing Stupidity' Update: Whither the Uptick Rule?

The Stalwart: Stand Firm

WC Varones: Shoot the messenger

1-2 Knockout: Welcome to Pakistan!

I can see it now, Some idiot in Washington is going to declare that “we had to destroy Wall Street in order to save it.”

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