Friday, September 12, 2008

Having fun at the expense of MLM promoters

When it comes to MLM's, mostly I ignore them. There's plenty of other sites that debunk them, and this blog is generally more focused on poking fun at corporate foolishness rather than outright fraud.

That said, a comment by some anonymous idiot in response to one of Tracy Coenan's anti-MLM posts on her FraudFiles blog was so compelling in it's idiocy that I felt it was worth bringing attention to.

Is Shop to Earn a scam or a legitimate business?(NOT edited for spelling, grammar, coherence or stupidity)

"Anonymous Idiot": if you got burned doing a MLM than that is your problem . i am sorry for you. but i believe that in order to be successful you have TO DO IT> walt disney was rejected over and over and over again about his dream of mickey mouse and then one “sucker” as you all would say took a “chance” same thing with the author of the harriet potter series. rejected over and over again. i know that MLM is not for everyone and i respect that some people just dont get them. I am right now unsubscribing to this blog because i no LONGER care waht you think.

I always get a kick out of MLM idiots who bring up the names of people like Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, or JK Rowling, and how much rejection and doubt they had to face before they made it big.

It's a sad effort to share reflected glory, but it falls short, because there's a difference:

What do MLM'ers create? Nothing.

What do MLM'ers own? Nothing.

What value do MLM'ers really offer customers? None.

Where's the MLM'ers better mouse trap? They don't have one.

At the bottom line, they're all just membership schemes where one schlub gives money to another schlub and tries to get some other schlub to give him money as well. It's a house of cards. Those of us who do things and create things and own things can see that, plain as day. If someone can't he really should keep his day job, at least he doesn't have to pay them to come to work every day.

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