Wednesday, September 03, 2008

CEDIA Insider Secrets: Prebook your airport shuttle

With rising travel costs on every front, savvy convention goers need to keenly look for opportunities to save a buck.

This year I pre-booked my airport shuttle online through Super Shuttle. By booking in advance I saved US$8 off of a return ticket to and from the Denver International Airport.

I owe some of my “look for a deal” mentality to my old boss and mentor, Systems Inc’s Joe Hostyn. As he might put it, when you own the business and the money is coming out of your pocket, you need to spend it wisely.

Oddly enough, in years past he pooh-poohed the idea of pre-booking tickets for the airport shuttle. His rationale was that he could always get a deal from the driver when he’s got seven or eight fares in tow, and he’s waving twenty dollar bills at him. Having a large party gives you some decent leverage to negotiate, but since I’m a one man band, this seemed like a simple and expedient way to cut costs.

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