Wednesday, September 03, 2008

CEDIA Insider Secrets: Download the map

Whether you’re directionally challenged, or just like to be over-organized, take the two minutes to download the convention map directory to your Palm or Pocket PC, it gives you a show floor map that will aid you in finding the vendor you’re looking for.

An added bonus: if there’s a vendor you missed, or if you met with them but can’t find their business card in the enormous jumble of cards you brought back home, the mobile directory has a complete list of every vendor and their contact info, searchable alphabetically and by key word.

No iPhone download, sorry.

CEDIA's goal for next year is to have a downloadable show directory available for all mobile platforms, including iPhone and Blackberries. My source tells me that they were hoping to have the Blackberry version available this year, but it wasn't quite there.

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