Thursday, August 21, 2008

Paramount incents you to rebuy your movies on Blu-ray

What a clever, albeit obvious way to entice consumers to buy movies on Blu-ray that they already own on DVD!

Los Angeles — Paramount Home Entertainment revealed a special Blu-ray Disc promotion Wednesday that will give consumers a $10 upgrade rebate for upgrading their Paramount and DremWorks DVDs with Blu-ray versions of the same titles.
The promotion, which begins with the Sept. 2 release of “
Transformers,” will enable purchasers to mail-in promotional certificates located in the packaging of the Blu-ray products, along with the proof-of-purchase tabs from both the DVD and Blu-ray versions.

Of course, there's a fair amount of impetus to make hay while the sun shines with regard to Blu-ray. Momentum is building on the digital delivery front, so studios need to grab as much Blu-ray action as they can, since the window is closing on optical media.

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