Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wal-mart To Tackle Custom Installs: Hilarity Ensues!

Wal-Mart aims to take a piece of your business when it opens "Solution Stations by Dell" in 15 Dallas-area stores.The initiative (hinted at recently)is part of an effort by Dell to "further enhance a great customer experience," as the PC manufacturer said in an April press release.Wal-Mart will offer both in-store and in-home services to support not just Dell products but those from other PC and CE vendors. Among the services offered, according to Dell: "home television installation, home theater set-up, technology integration, and other services that can help customers build out their digital lifestyle infrastructure."

No disrespect intended to my friends at Dell, but I am keen to see how Wal-mart, who can't even maintain good looking store displays intends to tackle in-home AV and PC network installs.

Don't get me wrong, Wal-mart as a retailer has many strengths, but I just don't see this program playing to any of them.

From a competitive standpoint, for dealers who offer upscale services, Wal-mart’s entrance will affect them not at all.

For dealers who are willing to get paid by the hour to fix other companies’ screw ups it will be a bonanza.

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Charles Farley said...

Will level 1 support still be in India?