Thursday, June 12, 2008

This Week In CE Pro: Acoustic Treatments

12 Acoustic Treatments for Your Next Home Theater Install

Some acoustic materials actually almost count as objets-d'art in their own right.

*pictured is the Bassweakener from european maker iDeal Acoustics.

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Anonymous said...

Will there be a follow-up article on how the client's designer takes to insertion of some of these highly visible things into a room?

Lee_D said...

Ha! Excellent point!

On the other hand, clients who are concerned about acoustics are usually less concerned about Feng Shui or colour schemes than many other high end clients.

Besides, I can picture a designer with a modernistic flair being ga-ga over some of the diffusers and absorbers. In that case, the struggle would be over their wanting to place them in improper locations because "they look good there."