Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Bloggotage About CE And Fuel Prices

Marketnews' Christine Persaud just blogged about the tacit impact of fuel prices on the cost of doing business, in response to my column last Tuesday about fleet management.

As you can see, the rising price of gas affects more than just the consumer. So if you're buying a big ticket item and have to pay for delivery when you never had to before, don't blame the retailer, at least not during these trying times. And if you don't have to pay, appreciate that offering even more now. As for retailers, if your sales rep is skimping on visits as of late, it probably has nothing to do with your relationship, or your importance as a business partner.

As I commented on her blog, I was talking yesterday with one of my sales rep friends. He puts in about 100km a year covering Alberta. He said that last year his average fuel bill was $500/month, as opposed to the $1500 he just paid for this May.

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