Monday, August 06, 2007

Jacked-Up Coffee All The Rage

ABC News still hasn't come to embrace the joys of embeddable video clips, so click the following link to watch the feature from Good Morning America:

ABC News: Not Enough Juice? Get 'Hyper Caffeinated'
Americans consume an alarming 300 million cups of coffee each day, supporting what is an $11 billion industry.
"About 70 percent of adults in America are going to start off with some type of caffeine this morning," said Harry Balzer, vice president of marketing for the NPD group. "It's not a small number. ... We are just looking for the easiest way to get caffeine into our body."
Consumers' need for that extra boost is fueling a whole industry of hyper caffeinated drinks -- from an endless array of energy drinks to soft drinks, like Pepsi, which just launched a new soda with extra caffeine.

This totally reinforces my belief that the market is right for Ephedrine-laced coffee whitener. Sounds like I need to go round up some venture financing.

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Shaf said...

I think addition of tyrosine would be better.

caffiene + tyrosine won't get you the increased dependency to caffiene. Throw in some of the other xanthines and you might have a hit too, though there are some that are very sensitive.

A coffee whitener with ~3 grams of L-tyrosine per tbs would be nice.

NoShiow said...

"Americans consume an alarming 300 million cups of coffee each day..."

The ONLY thing that is "alarming", is the possibility of there not being enough coffee for all.

Anonymous said...

Particularly now that it is being touted as a remedy for brain function decline in women over 65.