Friday, June 01, 2007

The cool factor just keeps coming: Microsoft's Milan

The latest trend in computer interaction is touch. From Jeff Han's now famous demo at TED where multi-touch user interfaces got their first big public airing to the impending iPhone launch, everyone's thinking of innovative ways to control their machines just using your fingers. Microsoft is no exception—today they've announced the first product from what they're calling their Surface Computing group, a tabletop computer for retail outlets that's been code-named Milan. And we've got a hands-on report, with photos and video—right after the jump, of course.
It's an acrylic table that's 22 inches high, with a 30-inch horizontal display. Remember those tabletop arcade games in bars in the 80s? It looks something like that. Inside, there's a PC running Vista, a projector, and an array of cameras that track objects and touch on the surface of the screen. With a little special programming sauce, it all comes together in a very slick experience.

I recognize that I am being presumptuous, but I don't think it's too early to say Woooooo!

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1 comment:

Charles Farley said...

Farley says the gaming industry will be all over this for both fraud control and player tracking.

To have a craps table track chips at risk per roll, individual player betting strategy, chip count on the rail, etc... will prove to be invaluable at boosting profits and managing players.

A table like that coupled with embedded RF technology in the tokens will prevent all sorts of fraud as well.

Just like pr0n drives (or usta drive) the acceptance of media delivery technology, the gaming industry will drive this bus.