Thursday, May 31, 2007

Search terms for May

It's that time again: where I perform a round up of the most compelling search terms that Google Analytics tells me people used to find this blog.

There has been huge interest in Lululemon's forthcoming IPO. A whopping 32.6% of searchers came here looking for information about the public offering.

10.2% of searchers were looking for more information about Mark Twight, who trained the actors in the film "300."

Wild Card Awards:

Proof Of My Wisdom Award:

forzani takeover

Who called it? Oh, right, I did.

Beating A Dead Horse Award:

i hate HBC

The "I Can't Believe People Are Still Buying Alpacas" Award:

alpaca market forecast

canadian tax re alpacas

beware alpaca industry

alpacas boom or bust

...and sundry variations thereof

The "Two Sides To Every Story" Award:

hip-hop killing the music industry

what's killing hip-hop?

The "What the Hell?" Award:

dominatrix in calgary

tied with:

creepy in-law advice -mother

tied with

rappers who are masons

The "How Appropos" Award:

professional opinion quotes on caffeine

My professional opinion on caffeine: Yes, please!

The "Nice Try, Kid" Award:

professional opinions about how bad homework is.

*today's graphic is courtesy of the excellent webcomic Questionable Content

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