Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's a small world after all: a South African gaming pundit responds

Last week's piece in CE Pro on Blu-ray vs HD-DVD got a nice reception from a South African gaming website called LazyGamer.

LazGamer.co.za: Little consumer interest in Blu-Ray or HD-DVD
Lee Distad is a CEDIA Certified Professional Designer for expensive audio and visual stuff… so his opinion on the current format war is obviously more educated than mine…
He brings up a very valid point that I have not seen before. None of the high end manufacturers (Denon, Marantz etc) have chosen a side and currently don’t make either.
So why is it that people who sell R100k systems to rich people have no interest in the format war?
Basically because neither format has really proven to be any better than upconverted DVD’s that display in 1080p…
He even goes as far as saying that neither way[sic] win this war and both might end up just falling by the wayside along with DVD-Audio and SACD. (I don’t know what either of those are but I guess that proves his point?)
Anyway follow the link to see what else he has to say, it’s all very interesting really.

My weakness for flattery aside, LazyGamer is an excellent aggregate of gaming news, and I really like being able to read firsthand a non-North American perspective.

I'm about ready to start singing Kumbaya any minute now...

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Gavin said...

Obviously I have the same weakness for flattery :), thanks for the kind words and keep up the good work