Thursday, April 19, 2007

What I'm Reading Online

Publius Pundit

From their "about" page:

Publius Pundit was founded in January, 2005, by Robert Mayer as a manifestation of a developing political ideology based on small-government libertarianism and liberal democracy as a means by which to improve the lives of everyone and end all major conflicts in the world.
It's inspiration was drawn from the Ukrainian Orange Revolution in late 2004, and was created just on the cusp of a global democratic revolution that spanned across Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Because of this, Publius has been on the cutting edge of all democracy and foreign affairs issues, with articles written about almost every country on the globe.
Several contributors have joined the team, some very early on, and some more recent, whose broad experience and expertise has added enormous value to the content published. Now, in 2007, Publius has become one of the most well-read and well-respected destinations on the internet, and one of the only ones that discusses democracy in the context of a country's internal affairs and not simply based on American policy.
With such a humbling and enormous responsibility to make the argument for global democracy, it is only appropriate that Publius become even something more than a website based largely on news commentary and analysis.
This latest update is made with the hope that Publius can become the internet's one-stop resource for all things democratization. We will provide not just news commentary, but discussion of ideas, in-depth articles, news relating to democracy, and links to blog commentary on issues of democracy. There will also be other resources provided that only help to reinforce the argument that democracy is the answer for the world.
So please, stay awhile. Feel free to email us for any reason. Also, if you think you're qualified and have a desire to do so, let us know if you'd like to contribute.

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