Thursday, April 19, 2007

Product of the Week: Scandyna Minipod

The territory rep for Scandyna has brought the minipod, and their little brother the micropod, by to demonstrate on several occassions despite the fact that we aren't really in the Hi-Fi business. I think it's just because she really, really likes the minipods.

Personally, I think these are adorable. In addition to sounding lovely, I really dig the sculptured organic look. They've got a 1960's retro-future look like you'd see in the background of a scene in 2001 or A Clockwork Orange. They're groovy.

Did I mention that they come in different colors?

Go to Scandyna's website to read more about them, or to find a dealer.

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Jason said...

Yeah, they're really horror show.

Flatland Pastor said...

OOOhhh - PIKA-CHU! I choose YOU!!