Thursday, April 12, 2007

This Week In the Jim Cramersphere

I meant to hit this earlier, but got busy with other stuff. Since I was just speaking about Making Mountains Out of Molehills read what had to say about CNBC personality Jim Cramer's latest outbreak of hoof-in-mouth disease.

Dealbreaker: Does Jim Cramer Get Stock Tips From Harrison Ford?

On March 28 JC told viewers to sell shares of Dendreon, a biotechnology company in Seattle, a call that “turned out to be dead wrong.” The stock price has tripled since the day after Cramer’s recommendation (closing Thursday at $18.05.)

I have a couple of things that I could say about this, but regular Dealbreaker commenter Zbignew pretty much summed it all up in the first post in the comments section.

Don't look at me, I get all my stock tips from Leonard the Wonder Monkey.

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