Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Paul Kedrosky, Apple iPhone, And The Wisdom Of Crowds

There's a great topic over on Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed about the iPhone and what it might bring to the table, vis a vis superiority over other mobile handhelds.

Paul Kedrosky: Five Reasons Why iPhone Will Win
Having now wandered in the wilds of various cellphones over the last few months, I am re-reminded why iPhone is underestimated. I have a Treo 700, a Blackberry 8800, and a Samsung TV phone, and they all suck. Here are five things that bug me about the abovementioned trio, and that favor the iPhone

The main attraction is actually the thoughtful commentary left by readers about what the iPhone portends for the future. Several intelligent sounding people share the perspective that I've been blogging about already, which is that the iPhone is the first iteration of the next wave of mobile handhelds. It may not be the big winner, but it will definetely shape and define a whole new category of products.

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