Wednesday, April 18, 2007

It's Good To Be Noticed, Plus a Great New Discovery

Heartfelt thanks to journalist Gary Weiss, who had kind words for this blog yesterday.

Two excellent blogs have come to my attention recently. They are essential reading for anyone wanting to really understand how companies work and why they go belly up.

One is Lee Distad's Professional Opinion, by one of the sharpest business bloggers there is, and the other is the FraudFiles Blog, by ace forensic accountant Tracy Coenen.

In addition to gratitude for the compliment, I am doubly grateful for having Ms Coenen's FraudFiles Blog brought to my attention. While I am personally more of a connoisseur of companies that are incompetent than ones that are actually corrupt, I do relish a good scandal, regardless. Her blog is going into my Favorites right now.

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