Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Disney Mobile: There Is, It Seems, No Stopping Them

In this week's article at CE Pro, I dished out this quick throwaway line:

If nothing else, we are living in an age where the TV companies are offering Internet, the Internet providers are offering TV, and everybody is offering telephone service.

Just this morning, the universe once again proved to me that truth is stranger than fiction when I read that Disney is seeking to increase it's presence in the mobile phone business.

TWICE: Disney Mobile To Add Features
Burbank, Calif. — Startup MVNO Disney Mobile plans to add to its family-friendly services in the coming months and continues to scout for new retail locations where mothers shop, said George Grobar, Disney Mobile’s senior VP/GM.

Here's the best part:

One recent service addition was The Kid Starter plan launched last November as the lowest-price option for a kid’s phone on an individual plan. Disney’s individual plans are intended for parents who want to give a child a Disney phone but whose own phone is locked into another carrier’s contract. The new individual plan costs $24.99/month for 200 minutes.

"Mommy, Mickey says I need to have a cell phone!"

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1 comment:

Flatland Pastor said...

"Now boys and girls let's all make sure our cell phones are off before we have nap-time here at Devoid of Perspective Daycare. What's that Jimmy? No you can pick up your text messages from your therapist in 40 minutes after nappies. Don't hyperventilate dear - just take some more Prozac."

Believe me - the barbarians aren't at the gates - they're in the house selling our children cell phone plans!

Thus do they feed the needs of the ever increasing "more money than brains" demographic.

'Nuff said! (Sheeesh!)