Sunday, February 18, 2007

GM and Chrysler: anybody?

Dealbreaker has reported on gossip that Daimler-Chrysler may spin off Chrysler to General Motors. In addition to John Carney's speculative ramblings, the input in the comments section from (aparently) well-connected detroit analysts is well worth reading.

I only really follow the auto industry tangentially. Heck, I didn't even blog about Ford's US12.7 billion dollar loss for 2006.

Regardless, when Daimler-Chrysler merged, it was hailed as a "marriage of equals." Well, like the pigs in Animal Farm noticed, some animals are more equal than others, and Daimler has decided that they are tired of being the one putting all the work into this marriage and are allegedgly "looking around."

So, if mutually cash-hemmoraging GM and Chrysler end up together, will it be billed as a "marriage of losers"?

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