Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sony Divisions "Fighting Like Ferrets" Amongst Themselves

Okay, maybe I can't put "fighting like ferrets" in quotes since nobody at Sony actually said that to me. However, I've been enchanted with the expression every since used it to describe the struggle for succession at Goldman Sachs earlier this year.

Besides, everybody in the "old media" has been loading up the histrionic headlines this week, so I don't see why I can't.

My point (and I did have one) is that I have heard rumors of internal dissent and ill-will between Sony's Playstation and CE Wholesale Divisions.

In a nutshell, Wholesale is bitter over allegations that Sony Japan deliberately sidelined their upcoming Blu-ray DVD player, the BDP-HD1 in order to channel the scarce Blu-ray chipsets (essentially Robbing Peter to pay Paul) into keeping the Playstation3's production on life-support, in the belief that a really lame launch was better than no launch at all.

I've heard this story from multiple sources, and it's internally consistent. Given the number of times this year that high ranking Sony execs have broken ranks and shot their mouths off in public, forcing Sony to hire a full-time Communications Director to stiffle embarassing outbursts present a unified Brand Message, I'm inclined to believe the rumors.

No word yet on the ferrets.

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