Saturday, September 30, 2006

Microsoft Zune will be US$249 this Christmastime


Microsoft announced pricing and delivery for its new Zune
digital audio “iPod killer” to be available Nov. 14 at a $249 suggested retail
price, exactly the same as Apple’s newly released 30GB iPod at $249.The Zune
player, also with 30GB of storage, will work seamlessly with a new Microsoft
subscription and download online service that will charge $.99 per song download
or $14.99 per month for subscription. Industry members and retailers had
earlier expected the Zune to be released at $299. During the interim, Apple
released its 30GB iPod at $249.Other features of the Zune include Wi-Fi
capability, built-in FM tuner and a 3-inch screen. It will come in three colors:
black, brown and white.

Well, that’s pretty cool. There’s no word on the CAN$ retail price yet, but I would expect it to be equal to the price of the 30GB iPod in the Great White North. I think it’s a tad early to start calling it the “iPod Killer” when it hasn’t had the chance to earn its Street Cred yet. But it definitely has potential, and early reviews from the tech crowd have been “mostly” positive.

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