Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Runco Now Has Fancy Colors On The Outside Too!

In case buying a high end projector or flat panel wasn't spendy enough, high end maker Runco seeks to woo style conscious clients. That's pretty damn cool!

Marketnews: Runco Can Colour-Match Projector/ LCD/Plasma Cases For Any Room

For the uninitiated, color matching is serious business, and integrators need to be totally on board with the client's interior designer, instead of getting on like cats and dogs, as is often the case.

To underscore the importance of color I was once working in a client's home while they went off on their cell phone at the bath fixture supplier. The client had specified antiqued oil-washed bronze and the supplier shipped plain old oil-washed bronze.

When it comes to designer colors, those extra adjectives are important!

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