Monday, March 09, 2009

CAW In Serious Denial Over Auto Industry's Situation

You have to love the monumental hubris of the auto workers unions.

The Canadian Auto Workers union has reached a tentative labour agreement with General Motors of Canada Ltd. that calls for a freeze on base wages as part of the automaker's restructuring, the union said Sunday.

Okay, blah blah. Fine. Here's the story's money shot:

"These changes represent a major sacrifice by our active members and retirees," said CAW President Ken Lewenza.

"Major sacrifice?" How magnanimous. Get off your cross, Ken (can I call you Ken?).

Reality check: it's way past time for the unions to tighten their belts, for the domestic auto industry sits on a razor's edge. If it falls off the edge, and GM, Chrysler or Ford go into creditor protection, your beloved active members and retirees will get nothing.

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