Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Panasonic Aiming For Control Of Sanyo: Panasanyo?

Both TWICE and Marketnews are reporting that Panasonic is interested in gaining a controlling interest in Sanyo.

TWICE:Report: Panasonic To Acquire Control Of Sanyo

Panasonic has agreed “in principal” to deals to acquire controlling interest in its struggling competitor Sanyo Electric, according to a report Sunday by The Nikkei news service, but Panasonic and Sanyo officials denied Monday any
such deal had been struck.
According to Japanese reports over the weekend, Panasonic reportedly intends to purchase a majority stake in Sanyo and convert it into a subsidiary by next April.

Marketnews: Panasonic Might Buy Sanyo?

If Panasonic officially purchases Sanyo, which some say could happen as early as the end of this year, it would allow Panasonic to leverage Sanyo’s expertise in the battery arena; an area with which Panasonic already holds high marks. Both companies are also strong forces in the handheld camcorder and projector markets, and a partnership could help ramp up market share in those categories. Additionally, Sanyo has its own thriving solar panel business, which would be a new area of involvement for Panasonic.

Great timing to strategize on the battery category, given that Sony is once again experiencing problems with exploding defective laptop batteries.

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