Thursday, November 13, 2008

Commentariat On Warren Buffet: A Little Less Talk And Lot More Action

I'm a huge fan, verging on slobbering fanboy even, of VC Paul Kedrosky and his blog Infectious Greed.

By and large, not only are his posts extremely educational, but quite often the comments left by readers are as insightful as his news posts.

there are exceptions however. There's some silly commentary stemming from Mr. Kedrosky's reasoned and thoughtful note about Berkshire Hathaway and the state of their investments in the current economic climate.

Sorry but there's something absurd about a bunch of readers who aren't in Buffet's league Monday-morning-quarterbacking his calls, when in game terms, we're not even at halftime yet. Really, who here has the track record to call him out? I know I sure don't.

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