Monday, November 10, 2008

Circuit City Creditor List Published

This just handed to me by one of my contacts: the filing that lists all of beleagured failing CE retailer Circuit City's creditors.

Circuit City Creditors
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The stuff you really want to know starts on page 16. But for those of you who are impatient, here's the list of Circuit City's Top Five Creditors:

  1. Hewlett Packard $118,797,964

  2. Samsung $115,925,716

  3. Sony $60,009,803

  4. Zenith $41,162,162

  5. Toshiba $17,919,395

Keen CE retail hawks will notice that Toshiba is out less than a third of what CC owes Sony, and a tenth of what HP's holding the bag for. That likely speaks well to Toshiba's risk management, since by all accounts they turned off the tap for Circuit City six months ago, after Blockbuster withdrew their takeover bid.

For that matter, look how comparatively little many CE brands were exposed. Sharp is only owed $7 million, Onkyo $4.2 million, and Klipsch $3.5 million. Peanuts, really. It's a Well Known Fact that suppliers had been tightening the screws for some time, which ultimately contributed to hastening CC's demise.

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Tim said...

The link you provided does not seem to work. Can you please relink the filing?

Lee_D said...

Thanks for the heads up Tim. I redid the link. Is it working for you now?

Tim said...

Yeah it works. Thanks for the quick fix. Unfortunately that document is nothing but bad news since the company I work for OEM's for Monster Cable.

Lee_D said...

There's a whole lot of bad news for a whole lot of vendors in that filing. You and your employer have my best wishes, Tim.

OjT said...

We've got the top 50 list in Excel format for convenience: