Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blowback Over Shaw Cable And HBO Canada

So Shaw Cable just announced that they'll be offering HBO Canada, but not everybody is happy with the offer of $14-$18/month when bundled with MovieCentral.

Here's the response to Shaw that a regular Lee Distad's Professional Opinion reader from BC cc'ed me on.

Dear Shaw Cable,

Your *^(&^*&^ joking right?

Look let me explain this to you once. In order for you to be competitive you are going to have to stop whacking us (18.95?) for individual channels. I bought the premium package TO GET THE EXTRA CHANNELS.
Either I get ALL the HD channels included in the present package or forget it. Clearly you need direct competition to put this in perspective. This is unbelievably arrogant and outrageous behavior to stick your hand out like this
And is because you believe you are operating from a position of strength. You are not.

PS – Make sure Jim Shaw gets this.

It doesn't help Shaw's case that, as my reader pointed out in a separate email, Cogeco Cable in Eastern Canada is offering it already bundled in with Movie Network for one price.

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Unknown said...

Three words -


The sooner the CRTC is dealt with, the better. Let's open up the field amigos. May the best marketer win!

Unknown said...

Oops, I forgot the obvious -

I want my -

I want my -

I want my (insert name of favorite specialty channel here) -

My apologies to Sting.