Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blockbuster Video: We Have A Set-Top Box Too!

Confirming earlier rumors, Blockbuster has announced plans to build a set-top box that will stream digitalmovies to TVs. The company's CEO, Jim Keyes, further notes that the the device will be associated with its Movielink rentaland purchase service, but has not provided details on costs, capabilities or hardware specifications. A release is expected sometime during the holiday season; also in development is support for Blockbuster streaming through Intel chips inside IPTV hardware.

While on the one hand, I want to roll my eyes and proclaim this to be JGAFB,* I will say that when it comes to bringing digital delivery to fruition, the more the merrier. Choice is good for consumers, and competition will speed up the adoption of higher-tech solutions.

*Just Great, Another Fucking Box.

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