Saturday, September 27, 2008

Would you eat at the Pink Taco?

Or how about have a drink or three at the Whiskey Dix? Strategic Name Development's William Lozito has a thoughtful blog post about the commercial utility of the branding decisions of a couple of recently opened Winnipeg nightclubs.

NameWire: Is Pink Taco a Good Brand Name?

There is another category that has short life-cycles, just like kids' cereals, but couldn't be further removed - nightclubs and restaurants for the younger crowd.
These nightclubs and restaurants come and go. They are hot for a couple years and then the crowd is on to the next, new, "in" nightclub or restaurant.
Unlike kids' cereal, which is heavily advertised, nightclubs and restaurants often rely on word of mouth. Word of mouth can be enhanced if some celebrity frequents it, which is hard to control, or by a provocative and edgy brand name, which is in total control of the owners.

It's a good read if you have an abiding interest in branding.

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