Monday, September 29, 2008

Watching TV on DVD: Where will it end?

Marketnews' editor Christine Persaud has some thoughtful and amusing bloggotage about the enormous success of whole seasons of TV shows on DVD.

I've visited a few retailers over the past little while and noticed something strange: DVD box sets for TV shows are placed front and centre of the store, with new release movies few and far in between. Why?
Are TV shows on DVD becoming more popular? Is this a way to make them more popular in the wake of things like on-demand movies that could be cutting into DVD sales? Or perhaps it's just a sales tactic since the holiday season is slowly creeping up on us? After all, DVD box sets are fairly popular among the gift-giving crowd.

Like Christine points, out it's not just people buying up their favorite TV show once it's released on DVD. I know people who only watch television series when they're released on DVD.

In addition to the reasons she outlines for why people consume their TV shows in this way, I would suggest that once the producers figured out how successfully they could further market their content, they floodgates were open. It's well known that many theatrical films do better in the DVD market than in the theatres. I expect that the DVD market is equally generous to TV product, if not more so.

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