Monday, September 15, 2008

Vizio seeks to rebadge as a "high-end" TV company

Vizio, the TV brand that other brands love to hate, is looking to make some changes.

According to ONE/x, Vizio's ad agency, Vizio will soon be marketing a surround-sound system with a wireless subwoofer for HDTVs. Vizio previewed the sound bar at CES earlier this year and says it will "compete with products from Sony, Samsung and others.""We want consumers to associatepremiere audio quality, along with images, when they think about Vizio," says Jason Wulfsohn, creative director at ONE/x Wulfsohn.

To date, Vizio has achieved market hegemony by catering to the "good enuff" market. Performance-wise their displays are hardly stellar, but they're cheap.

However, I'll be the first to admit that while I'm a huge video snob, I see things that regular consumers either can't see, or simply don't care enough to pay more for. For an awful lot of Sam's Club shoppers, good enough is "good enuff."

That said, regardless of "high-end" or "low-end" designations, if their TV's lacks discrete codes for programming them that means that it's a "retail" TV as opposed to a custom channel one.

However, Vizio seems to be happy with how they've positioned their products, so bully for them.

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