Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Speakercraft's Burning Man Expo Show Becomes a Firestorm

I was going to leave this alone, I really was, but the anonymous commentariat has gone absolutely bananas on the subject of custom vendor Speakercraft's booth show featuring LA troupe Lucent Dossier at CEDIA Expo. Who knew that some performance artists could generate so much controversy?

At nearly 100 comments, some furious, some supportive, clearly my friends at Speakercraft have hit it out of the park from a publicity standpoint.

Personally, I've got little interest in what people who post angry anonymous comments have to say. It's hardly coincidence that the commenters with the most cogent and articulate things to say post with recognizable real names, as opposed to pseudonyms. Player hating is lame.

Never mind that some of the more outraged commenters sound like they represent the American Taliban, based on their reaction to seeing a little skin, more importantly, you have to search far and wide to find a vendor who supports their dealers to the nth degree the way Speakercraft does. They really do "get it" with regard to what dealers need from their vendors. It seems likely to me that the people doing the most squawking about a little artistic T&A at Expo have never actually benefitted from Speakercraft's platinum-class service and support, and thus, can't see the forest for the trees.

*pictured above: Speakercraft's Dave McCoy and friends.

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