Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Hit And A Miss On Accomodation And Travel Arrangements

Hit: From a techie perspective, the Doubletree Denver Tech Center is a nice hotel: free WiFi (that actually works), 42-inch Plasma TV in the room, (see above). And on a down-home note, they gave me a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie when I checked in.

It's only real shortcoming is that Denver Tech Center is a long way away from downtown Denver. Fortunately CEDIA organizes a system of motor coaches to shuttle attendees to downtown and the DCC.

Or do they?

Miss: Yesterday afternoon after coming back to my hotel to clean up prior to meeting the Marketnews crew downtown for a party, I went back to the lobby to catch the shuttle.

Which never came.

I like parties, but I don't like them enough to spend fifty bucks on a cab ride.

Trust me, I'll get to the bottom of the shuttle issue today.

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