Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dining In Denver, Redux

I totally forgot to mention that last night the Marketnews crew and I had a fantastic dinner at the Trinity Grille, on Broadway across from the Brown Palace. Since I'd dined there last year, the group accepted my recommendation, and we had a wonderful meal.

I've been on a big caesar salad kick this week, and Trinity Grille's concoction was head and shoulders about all the others. The main course was peppered venison with portobello mushrooms, port wine demiglace and parmesan risotto. The venison was superb.

The only downside to the evening was an incident of cultural misunderstanding: maybe it's normal here, but we were shocked that the server hand wrote at the bottom of the bill "suggested gratuity = 18%." Our host was incensed at her temerity, and while the service was adequate, let's just say she suggested her way to a lot less than 18%.

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