Friday, September 12, 2008

CEDIA Honors Dr. Floyd E. Toole

Great news for a great man.

The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) has named Dr. Floyd E. Toole the recipient of its 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award.Toole, honored at CEDIA's annual Electronics Lifestyles Awards Banquet, has been a pioneer in the acoustics industry for more than 40 years.His research has focused on small-room acoustics and evaluating the relationship between technical measurements of audio equipment and listeners' perceptions.

Dr. Toole is one of my personal heroes, and a remarkable scientist and researcher. All HiFi enthusiasts owe him a debt of gratitude, even the crazy ones whose psychoacoustic audio voodoo is dispelled by the results of Dr. Toole's exacting research.

His course "The Room And The Loudspeaker" remains my all-time favorite class offered through CEDIA.

Well done, Doctor.

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