Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Market Musings

Normally, the comments section of finance blog Dealbreaker is full of jaded, often profane commentary that is nonetheless financially astute. Wisdom from the trenches of Wall St, so to speak.

Lately however, and perhaps as a reflection of the growing tensions surrounding the ills suffered by major Wall St. players like Bear Stearns and Lehman, there's been a growing rise in bitter, almost Marxist sentiments from anonymous angry commenters. Is the rise in left-wing, anti-finance commentary sign of a market bottom?

On a related note, when is a grass-roots movement going to start, seeking to garner support to make Oppenheimer financial sector analyst Meredith Whitney the next Chairperson of the US Federal Reserve?

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1 comment:

1-2 said...

I reject any notion of being called "bitter, almost Marxist sentiments from anonymous angry commenters"

I'm Friedmantonian all the way, and I pick my battles that way.