Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Week In CE Pro: Power Management

7 Power Management and Protection Products

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Bob Rapoport said...

Hi Lee,

Thanks for including PurePower in your Power Conditioner article for CEPro.

One difference between what we do and the others is "conversion". The idea is, we convert the inbound AC from the utility company to DC, then back to AC again on a perfect voltage sinewave, newly created at the point of use. All noise, THD, etc. is left behind. We call this "AC Regeneration" and its really unique in this category.

Among the audiophile set, we do very well because those guys paid dearly for high performance and dont want to rely on utility power, with its sags, surges, noise, and distortion, to power their systems.

Truth be told, we believe that a battery is the best source of power one can buy. They are not practical though for everyday use.
Our prduct was the first with battery back-up, allowing the end user to pull the plug from the wall socket during operation and listen on pure battery power for 10 minutes, then plug back in and compare battery power to regenerated power. Most cant hear or see a difference between PurePower and the benchmark source.

Thanks again for including us!

Bob Rapoport
Sales Director for PurePower